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世界各地のピアソン VUE テスト センターで実施
試験の所要時間:90 分
試験形式:選択問題 65 問

Juniper JNCDA JN0-1100筆記試験は、ネットワーク構築のプロフェッショナルやネットワークの設計、理論、ベスト プラクティスに関して初級程度の知識を持つ設計者向けに設計されており、ネットワーク設計の原理を受験者が理解していることを確認するものです。

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1.Your company’s network consists of your headquarters location plus several dozen remote offices.
Remote office users are often unable to access data housed in the headquarters data center due to
connectivity issues. You must update the network to provide reliable access to corporate assets for
remote office users.
Which technology is critical to your design project?
A. IPsec
B. WAN acceleration
C. WAN aggregation
D. QoS
Answer: A

2.What is a feature provided by devices in the WAN aggregation site of a large enterprise WAN
A. Internet gateway
B. MACsec
C. power redundancy
Answer: A

3.Which two groups within the IT organization will likely need training if a new type of network equipment
is deployed throughout the enterprise? (Choose two.)
A. application development
B. systems administrators
C. network engineering
D. network operations
Answer: C, D

4.You want to use standard cabling instead of crossover cabling in an environment without MDIX.
In which two situations would this apply? (Choose two.)
A. server-to-switch
B. computer-to-switch
C. computer-to-computer
D. switch-to-switch
Answer: A, B

5.What are three use cases for Data Center Interconnect? (Choose three.)
A. security
B. Layer 2 extension
C. disaster recovery
D. geoclustering
E. ease of management
Answer: B, C, E