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試験名称:データ センター、プロフェッショナル(JNCIP-DC)
世界各地のピアソン VUE テスト センターで実施
試験の所要時間:120 分
問題数:65 問
Junos ソフトウェア リリース:15.1


データ センターの配置または管理
マルチシャーシ LAG
混合バーチャル シャーシ
バーチャル シャーシ ファブリック
IP ファブリック
データ センターの相互接続

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1.Which EVPN service consists of a single broadcast domain per EVPN instance?
A. a VLAN bundle service interface
B. a VLAN-based service interface
C. a port-based VLAN-aware service interface
D. a port-based service interface
Answer: B

2.You are implementing a Virtual Chassis using QFX5100s and EX4300s in your data center.
In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Only 10GbE VCP connections can be used between the QFX5100s and the EX4300s.
B. The QFX5100 devices cannot assume the line card role in the Virtual Chassis.
C. Some hardware capabilities are limited by the capabilities of the EX4300 switches.
D. The EX4300 devices can only assume a line card role in the Virtual Chassis.
Answer: C,D

3.A customer notices that all traffic is traveling over a single link within their partially meshed IP Fabric
using IBGP. While troubleshooting, the customer notices that the configuration is missing a configuration
Which parameter would the customer use to solve this problem?
A. accept-remote-nexthop
B. advertise-peer-as
C. add-path
D. multihop
Answer: C

4.A customer has built a VXLAN using an EVPN signaling infrastructure with remote facilities with VXLAN using EVPN signaling connected to the Internet. The customer notices that the network is completely stable with no protocol errors in the underlay or overlay. The customer, however, cannot pass any application data across the network.Which statement would explain the intermittent loss?
A. There is an LACP key mismatch.
B. The MTU is exceeded.
C. The routing protocol authentication has failed.
D. The BPDU protection is invoked.
Answer: D

5.You have deployed a multicast server attached to a QFX5100 Series device serving as a VTEP.Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A. By default, the QFX5100 will send copies of the multicast packets to all locally attached devices in the same VLAN.
B. By default, the QFX5100 will send copies of the multicast packets to locally attached devices in the same VLAN that are interested receivers only.
C. By default, the QFX5100 will encapsulate the multicast packets in VXLAN and forward them to all remotely connected VTEPs.
D. By default, the QFX5100 will encapsulate the multicast packets in VXLAN and forward them to remotely connected VTEPs with interested receives only. Answer: A,C

6.Which protocol is used between VCF member devices to create a loop-free topology?
Answer: D